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comparing C-compiler output assembly listings

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  • comparing C-compiler output assembly listings

    I am doing pretty well at getting BC3 to ignore unimportant things when I compare listings from two compiler versions. Of course, one of the key pieces is ignoring addresses when they appear in the listing, since most any change will produce different addresses.

    I have created rules for many assembly instructions that match from the opcode to the text of the instruction code. I have then told BC3 that these are "unimportant".

    The problem is that I really would like to ignore mismatch if I get "ldd" on both sides, but not ignore the mismatch if I get "ldx" on one side and "ldy" on the other side.

    I really want the types to be tested for match, but the contents not to be.

    Is there a way to tell BC3 that I want that?



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    Is "ldd" literal text that can appear on both sides, or is it the name of one of your grammar elements?

    If the literal text "ldd" is on both sides and aligns, it should be marked as equal, and not need to be defined as Unimportant. That way, when it matches with "ldy" it would then appear as an important difference.

    If ldd and ldx are grammar elements with equal text that align, they will still be marked as a difference, since the grammar element names are different. An example of this is when Strings align to non-Strings, and are marked as a difference, even if the text is equal.
    "Text Here."
    Text Here.

    A full screen screenshot of your current comparison may help, showing ldd and ldy, and please let us know how you then expect them to be compared.

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