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  • Javascript

    Just wondering if anyone knows of anyone who has made a javascript file format addon file?

    I tried using the java source file format, but it just doesn't cut the mustard. Hopefully someone has made their own, or knows where I can download one.


    (long time, linux and winblows customer)

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    We do not have a separate Java Script file format beyond what is included with the initial install. Our additional downloads for Java (and other formats) are available here:

    You can create a new file format, or clone and edit an existing one, from the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog. You could select the default Java format, copy it, and then edit the copy to help meet your needs.

    If anyone has one already and would like to share it, please feel free to post here or email it to us at [email protected] (with a link back to this forum thread for reference).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Well I was looking for a javascript file format also, and finally decided I really wanted one, so I created the attached one.
      It has 2 lists of keywords, one that contains those currently defined and the other is a list of reserved for future use that I found at, otherwise it's basically a copy of the java file format.

      I hope this is helpful to other users.


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        JavaScript and TypeScript

        I've created the attached JavaScript/TypeScript file formatter along similar lines, adding extra reserved keywords for TypeScript as well as all those for JavaScript. Plus, I've added some extra operators for both languages.


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          Thanks! We'll take a look at these and I'm sure other users will find these download links useful.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Splendid! I came here looking for exactly this. Many many thanks.

            Devs: include this in the release and give this man some credit

            Best regards


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              Glad the download was able to help.

              Over time we try to add formats to our Additional Downloads section; this one is in queue for review, but we haven't had the free resources to add it to that list. Hopefully, the forum post has helped users in the meantime.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                I'd like to vote for BC officially supporting javascript.


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                  Originally posted by bmacnaughton View Post
                  I'd like to vote for BC officially supporting javascript.
                  Ditto that. Please at least review martind's submission and add it to the additional file formats download page. Thank you!


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                    Can someone bump this with a link to the above mentioned typescript file format?

                    ps. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious, I'm new to the forum


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                      Javascript source format has had an updated keyword list added to it. You can download it from our File Formats download page, here:
                      Search for Javascript
                      Aaron P Scooter Software