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  • Date Delimeters?

    Howdy. I'm doing some comparison of CSV format files, featuring dates, using the "data compare" functionality. (The rows need sorting by product id)

    If our downstreams decide they want the date format changed from, say "yyyy-mm-dd", to "yyyy/mm/dd", I get two possible test results:
    • Treating the field as text, the "-" vs "/" change is flagged, with the differing single chars in red, for every row.

    • Treating it as date, the entire date is highlighted in red, with strikethrough. Again, all rows are flagged as different.

    How can I tell BC3 that the "/" vs "-" change is to be ignored and only actual date changes to be flagged up?

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    Our Data Compare currently only supports recognizing a date column that matches the current date format set in your Windows Regional settings.

    If you use the Text Compare, you can mark this type of change as unimportant, or if you have BC3 Pro you can use a Text Replacement to mark "-" = "/" for when those characters are aligned.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for prompt reply. I'm next in Monday, Swiss time zone.

      I prefer data compare mode, because it handles the sorting for me - every day, I can have records added or deleted.

      The format change so far is only a "how do we cope if and when", as an edxample scenario from my manager, as we're still prototyping usage for the team, so I'll maybe try option two next week when I have a spare moment - my presentations next Fri...