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any way to avoid having to save text to file, to apply format change?

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  • any way to avoid having to save text to file, to apply format change?

    Hi, folks. The formats feature is wonderful and the availability of more formats online is a hidden gem I love sharing with other BC users.

    That said, as some here may already know, if we are doing a text compare with some content we pasted in, when we apply a format (using the Format button), we are asked to save the content to a file. Is that really necessary, or perhaps just a design decision that solved some problem that seemed universal.

    To be clear, I'm asking if there is any way to AVOID having to save such text to a file, just to apply a format change. It's SUCH a valuable feature, but it is indeed a hiccup in the workflow to have to save a file--for no reason other than to do a comparison using a new format.

    (If this is discussed anywhere already, feel free to point me there. I'd looked in the help, the kb, and at forum references to "formats" going back for 5 years, but I'd not found it or I missed it. Thanks.)

    PS I just noticed that I this forum folder on formats was under BC3. I am in fact using BC4, but I seem to recall the same was true with BC3 as well. If anyone may want to suggest I should have asked this in some other forum folder under BC4 (even General), I'd welcome that feedback. While I've used BC for 15 years (and tell people about it almost daily in my consulting work), I've not posted here in over 10 years.
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    Yes: this is the difference between pasting (ctrl+V) and Open Clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V, or File menu -> Open Clipboard). Basically, it's a paste that auto-generates the kind of temp concept needed for swapping around formats, refreshes, etc.

    So, try to remember to Open Clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V) instead of a regular paste when 'pasting' the entire clipboard as that side's "file".
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