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Description of Grammar Item options?

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  • Description of Grammar Item options?

    I am new to Beyond Compare and I am a bit confused regarding the different Grammar Item options like "Basic" or "Lines". Unfortunately there are no tooltips and those options seem to be not covered by the help.

    Without a detailed description options like "or line 1" are very difficult to understand. So where can I find a full description of those options?

    Best would be if there would be a tooltip explaining the intention of an option. or more detailed examples somewhere showing for what purpose those options were implemented.

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    There is a section in the Help file with a small overview under Setting Reference, File Formats, Text Format, Grammar

    But this KB article and video may provide more information:
    As well as an overview of how defining it works, and how the element is then used (element's define the concept, but are marked as Important or Unimportant in the Session Settings).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the link to he KB article. If you have the help text already, why not including it in BC as tooltip?


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        Well formatted tooltips across resolutions, different OS platforms, DPI settings, and require language translations (that also have to fit those requirements), and require program updates to update, are a bit more troublesome than updating an HTML KB article (which can also have an embedded video, which I've found really helps people).

        Each dialog does have a Context Help (?) button, which helps bring a user directly to the respective chapter of the internal Help file.
        Aaron P Scooter Software