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  • Excel Compare Unimportant Differences

    I'm running BC3 from GUI and trying to compare a folder of Excel XLSM files. I'm doing a data compare with unsorted.

    I'm trying to treat the string 'TEST DATA' as unimporant. We display a test message in Dev but not in other environments.

    I do not want to switch to text compare, I like the results in columns, but I do not want to mark the entire column as unimportant, just the test 'TEST DATA' found in any column.

    Or, if there is any type of summary report that would list each file compared in the folder and provide a count of differences - so if I saw a 1, I'd know it was just the TEST DATA message.

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    The Data Compare does not currently support a specific text string as unimportant. You could use an External Conversion process which removes this one string from "Test Data" from the file, and then compares the converted output. Otherwise, you would need to use the Text Compare to ignore this specific string.

    The Folder Compare does not support showing a number of differences column. This is on our wishlist, which is a place our developers go for ideas for future features and enhancements. Does "Test Data" appear in multiple rows? If so, this would be marked as multiple differences (per row).
    Aaron P Scooter Software