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  • Compare Java properties files


    I search the forums and tried to play with it, but didn't manage it.

    What would be the file format settings for a Java properties files to match the keys (aka. left of the = sign) ?

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: just as a reminder, those files are principally used for localization/translation and the syntax is of keys=values pairs.


    error.scenario.not.found = Scenario not found
    error.scenario.not.owner = Scenario owner not found
    error.scenario.not.running = Scenario not running
    error.scenario.real.time.not.found = Scenario not found
    error.scenario.status.already.exist = Scenario status already exists
    error.scenario.status.histo.not.found = Scenario status history not found
    error.scenario.status.not.found = Scenario status not found
    error.scenario.type.invalid.state = Scenario type invalid state
    keyofthetranslation=text of the \
    translation that can span on \
    several lines

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    How about this Basic (Regular Expression enabled) Grammar type:

    We have documentation on defining a grammar element here, with a video:
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