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Flex MXML: two formats in one file

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  • Flex MXML: two formats in one file

    (I know it's dying technology, but I'm still working in Flex)

    The Flex MXML format is xml except for the section delimited by

    <!-- XML format here -->

    // ActionScript here

    <!-- XML format here -->

    One solution is to run a converter that extracts the ActionScript from inside this element. Unfortunately, this would prevent comparing the XML-format part of the file unless a converter could create two files.

    It would also prevent editing and copying lines to the ActionScript (unless a post-comparison re-integrator add-in was possible).

    Any ideas?

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    Would it be possible to create a new, custom File Format, based off of the XML format (with node definitions if needed), but also include the Action Script grammars?

    Would there be much chance of overlap, for Action Script grammars to match on text within the XML structure, or vice versa?
    Aaron P Scooter Software