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  • Default session not used?

    [Build 442]
    I right click on a folder and "Select left to compare", then right-click on a second folder to Compare the folders. There are a bunch of folders in the two trees that I want to ignore (such as Debug, Release). I add these folder names to the Session Info. All is cool, the compare works great. I press "Save Session", and quit. A little while later I want to do the exact same folder compare, I right-click on the same folders in the same order. But the previous session info is not being used, even though the folder names are identical. Maybe this is the way you intend to use it, but I would find that counter-intuitive.

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    This is intended behavior. When you save a session, it is added to the list of saved sessions in the Session|Home dialog. To use those settings, you will need to load that saved session.

    When you launch a comparison from the shell extension, it uses the default session settings for the current viewer (Folder Viewer, Text Compare, etc). To change the default criteria for new folder comparisons, open Cirrus. In the "Saved Sessions" list, expand "Edit session defaults" and select "Folder Compare". Change settings and click the "Save" button. The changed settings will be used anytime you open a new folder comparison instead of loading a saved session, including when you launch a compare from the shell extension.
    Chris K Scooter Software