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Fast Refresh in flattened view shows (new) folder

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  • Fast Refresh in flattened view shows (new) folder


    I'm just recording some vinyl to my PC and use Cirrus to monitor the changes. To do this, I opened M:\LP as base folder in flattned view, sorted descending by Modified Date. While grabbing I see all old recordings and 'temp.mp3' on top of the list.
    After the recording ends, 'temp.mp3' (in M:\LP) was renamed to 'Artist-Album.mp3' and moved to M:\LP\Artist\Album.
    After Fast Refresh Cirrus shows the folder(!) 'Album' with the path '.\Artist' on top of the list, including the file 'Artist-Album.mp3' with the (correct) path '.\Artist\Album'.
    I think showing the folder is obsolete and not intended.

    A Full Refresh hides the folder and only shows files.

    Greetings Lutz

    (Cirrus build 442 Pro Edition)
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    Thanks for the bug report, we'll get that fixed soon.
    Zoë P Scooter Software