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Feature request: re folder sync

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  • Feature request: re folder sync

    I just tried the multiple copy/move feature where you can start several copy or move processes simultaneously, and start new copy/move processes when another is running. Great!

    However, I noticed a small "annoyance": When a folder is selected for copy (or move) and the copy process is started, there is no obvious way to determine in the folder/file list panes if that folder or file is already selected for copy/move. This means that it is possible to select the same folder more than once for copy.

    My suggestion is that a folder or file that is selected for copy should change color to e.g. orange and a folder or file that is selected for move should change color to light grey (and in this case (move) that folder or file should be "locked" so it is not possible to select it again for another copy or move).

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    Thanks. We're considering ways to identify items that are queued for an operation.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      I agree, but not just for copy and move processes. Here's a screenshot where I accidentally kicked off two background compares that kept interfering with each other.

      BC v4.0.7 build 19761