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Feature request: Pause and/or save aborted copy/move sessions

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  • Feature request: Pause and/or save aborted copy/move sessions

    A small thing: When you press abort (the white x in the red dot next to the progress bar) in file copy the copy process is cleanly aborted. This is ok in most cases. But sometime it would be nice to be able to pause a copy or stop it and save the selection not copied yet.

    Example: I have a lot of microscopy images - several thousand in each folder. I want to back these up to an external drive. Some folders are residing in the fourth or fifth branch of the file tree and there could be several of these I want to copy.

    If I select several directories and start copy, select some other directories and start copy, and then stop one of the copy processes it would be very convenient if the copy session could be paused instead or if it was possible to save the remaining selection for a later copy session.

    The reason for pausing or postponing could be that the process is eating CPU power and I want to complete it later if I have other work to do (remember we are talking about 1000's of files and GBs of data).

    As it is now, I have to travel through all the directories again to make the selection again.

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    The ability to pause copy/move operations has been suggested by several people in the past (myself included). It is on the BC wishlist.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761