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Command line switch for Compare Contents?

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  • Command line switch for Compare Contents?

    The vast majority of the time I invoke BC via the command line via my file manager. Most times I want to 'compare contents'. Other times I just want to run the Quick tests. Is there a command line option that will toggle the Compare Contents switch?

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    Hi Ron,

    There isn't a command line switch that will force a "Compare Contents" or "Quick Compare".

    If you're launching folder compares from the command line, you can edit the session defaults for a folder compare so it will default to your preferred criteria.

    For the File View, the only way to control the Quick Compare dialog is with the "When starting with file comaprison, show quick compare dialog" check box in the Startup section of Tools|Options.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      My session default preferences vary depending on what I'm comparing.

      When comparing two folders containing hundreds of other folders each of which includes hundreds of files, I seldom want anything other than a quick compare.

      When comparing two folders that only contain say 100 files, a compare contents is desired.

      Since BC2 (perhaps before) I've just left my session defaults to quick compare and performed the '3 clicks' (Rules - Compare contents - OK) to invoke a contents compare.

      The Compare Contents button doesn't quite fit in here because it only operates on selected files - i.e. more clicks to do.

      I'm probably in the minority here. I was just looking for a quicker way to switch the compare type, preferably 1-click (or command line switch) and no requirement to select anything - just change the rules for the currently loaded folders.

      Another drop down button with CRC/Binary/Rules menu items on it comes to mind. Two clicks yes, but very little mouse movement.


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        Thanks Ron. Another option would be to load a saved session from the command line if it is a pair of folders that you compare frequently. Other than loading a saved session, the only way to change the criteria is by clicking the Rules button.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          And, note that saved sessions don't have to have folder specs. You could save a folder compare session "template" with specific rules choices but empty left/right folder specs. You then could load it from the command line (quickly) and drag folders onto it.
          Tim T Scooter Software