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Very sluggish BC3 UI under heavy workload

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  • Very sluggish BC3 UI under heavy workload

    I opened 3 tabs, doing simultaneous binary content comparisons between separate pairs of large (order 10 GB) folders.

    At one point I minimized all windows. When I tried to restore the BC3 (full debug) window, it was so sluggish (took several minutes) that I was afraid it had frozen. All other windows were responsive.

    Running WinXP on a 3 GHz core2duo system.

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    Similarly today. I did a non-content comparison of 2 large (identical) folders. Then set a particular subfolder as base (on both sides), and immediately changed rules to Compare Contents (binary). After I clicked the OK on the rules dialog, it remained visible (i.e. unresponsive) for several minutes.


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      BC3 build 457 -- dunno if this is new since I'd never tried it before, but I selected a large dir from the MRU list in a fresh dir comparison window. While it was loading, I picked one from the right dir. I then realized I wasn't going to load the left dir for the current compare and tried to hit the flashing stop (X) button, but the UI wouldn't respond beyond the continued flashing button until the dir finished loading. Then it prompted that the right dir wasn't found (I didn't realize it was nonexistent until the prompt). Is there any way to keep the UI responsive during these kinds of situations?

      I guess this kind of problem is a good sign that the major work is done, when most of (at least my) bug reports are fairly obscure, specialized occurances.