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Folder compare with flatten crashes

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  • Folder compare with flatten crashes

    I've got two large folders (first 283GB in 61,000 files, second 104GB in 21,000 files). They're both on different networked computers. I'm trying to compare these two network shares and find all files that are the same left and right. To this end I've enabled CRC file compare w/ quick mode, and flattened directory structure. After 5 seconds of running BCompare.exe just disappears (build 455). I just saw there's a build 456, I will try it tomorrow.
    Eric T.

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    Folder flattening gone in 456?

    Now that I've upgraded to 456 I can't find Folder flattening anymore. Is that feature gone?


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      It's now a display state, under View | Ignore Folder Structure, and on the toolbar.
      Tim T Scooter Software


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        BC3 also crashes in tree view



        I opened a mapped network drive (base folder is the root) and opened all subdirectories (223383 files, 120GB). Navigating the tree is a little bit slow but it works but by selecting a file in the lower half of the biggest subfolder BC3 disappears without any trace.

        If I set the biggest subdirectory as the base folder (no subdirectories, 82233 files, 8,72GB) this also happens.

        Ignore folder structure shows the same behaviour by selecting a file of the biggest directory.

        It looks like selecting files above # 32k/64k causes the crash.

        BC2/252 works in this case.

        A little bit off topic:
        Reading a drive with protected subdirectories (C:\, System Volume Information) in flattened view shows nothing.

        Greetings Lutz


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          Thanks for reporting the problem. Can you repeat this consistently? I did a test on my system with 90,000 files on each side, and I didn't get any crashes when I selected files or when I turned on flatten folders.

          What comparison criteria are you using?
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Hi Chris!

            Yes I can reproduce this every time (in the near of file # 51500, but not ever at the same position, perhaps depending on memory usage).

            Select All works, selecting by Find Filename, Page Down, Cursor Down fails.

            For clarification: ALL files reside in ONE folder!

            I use only one side of the Folder Compare with no comparison criteria (all deselected).

            Greetings Lutz
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