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some folder compares think files are unique

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  • some folder compares think files are unique

    In some instances of a large folder compare, BC3 thinks a particular folder has all unique files on both sides, when those files are in fact identical. So it shows the files as blue and unique on the right, and below on the left side the same files (with the same sizes and the same dates) the same list of unique files. I've attached a screenshot, but not sure the attaching worked. [Build 456]
    Eric T.

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    I'm afraid your screenshot didn't make it.

    Could it be that the filenames have character case differences and you have "FIlenames are case sensitive" enabled in your FTP profile?
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      I'm having the exact same issue with BC3 on vista x64.

      on particularly large folder compare
      some absolutely identical (this happens even just after a sync) folders are considered unique on both sides.

      (no ftp, no fileName case issue, local drives)

      correction this happens actually on BC 2.5 too
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        Can you use the Tools->Save Snapshot command to save snapshots of both sides? If it has the same behavior with the snapshots please send them to [email protected]
        Zoë P Scooter Software