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Orphaned Folders show after mirror

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  • Orphaned Folders show after mirror

    hi, not sure if this has been reported for BC3, but it could be a bug.

    suppose i have set an "exclude folders" settings of, say, ".svn" and want to perform a mirror, some directories appears as orphans in the destination view after the mirror. these folders all seem to be ones who are empty in the sense that the ".svn" exclude filter applies (ie they are not really empty but are effectively after the filter).

    now i understand that BC cannot delete these destination folders since they are non-empty but should it show them in blue in the view window or should it simply pretend everything is in sync.

    the problem i have is that it looks like the mirror isnt complete.

    perhaps this is deliberate or there is an option.

    -- hugh.

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    If you're using the "Synchronize Folders" session try unchecking "Sync Empty Folders" in the Session Setting dialog. If you're using one of the sync commands in the directory compare it's controlled by the dropdown with "Always Show Folders" on it; one is "Compare Files Only", or something like that; that's the equivalent option.
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