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Copy to Folder: Add "keep full folder structure"?

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  • Copy to Folder: Add "keep full folder structure"?

    For Copy To Folder, please consider adding a "Folder structure" option for "Keep full folder structure". This would copy the structure from the ROOT directory on down ("Keep baser folder structure" only copies from the base folder on down).

    This would be useful when comparing folder structures of a real drive A against a BCSS snapshot of drive B, and then copying the differences to a transfer drive T that will be compared to drive B at a later time (and not local to drive A). By starting with the Root, it's easier to have a standard session defined for comparing drive T to drive B.

    John Land
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    As a workaround, you can copy folder structure by selecting Always Show Folders, and giving the filter of No Files -*.*. Then go to the top letter drive of your compare, select the previous base folder, and then Copy to Other side. That should setup the parent base folder structure. Then navigate inside of each and Set as Base Folders and begin your copy as normal.
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      Thank you, but that would be, how many clicks? ;-)


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        Originally posted by JohnFLand View Post
        Thank you, but that would be, how many clicks? ;-)
        There is a simpler way:

        To set it up, do the following:
        • Right-click the toolbar and select Customize Commands...
        • Find "Show None" in the list. Addit it to your menu and/or toolbar
        • Assign a keyboard shortcut if you wish (I used Ctrl+Q)

        To copy the folder structure, do the following:
        • Select "Show None"
        • Set your folder view dropdown to * Always Show Folders
        Now you can copy the empty folder structure without copying the files and without changing your file filters.
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          Nice trick.
          However here is a heads up: when using Toggles, then "Show None" never appears on the command tool bar, even when requested in the Customize Commands... It does show up in the View pulldown. I assume this behavior is by design to keep the command tool bar uncluttered (?), though it is puzzeling when first encountered. If assigned a shortcut, that does work in the presence of Toggles. Same holds for "Show All".

          Perhaps there should be an asterisk or some such thing in the Toolbar column of the Customize Commands menu to indicate those commands which do not show up on the command tool bar when Toggles is turned on. Just to avoid the appearance of lying.
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            I also use toggles. I have asked for Show All and Show None to be viewable with Toggles in the past. I, too, think that if the user asks for it (enables it in Customize Commands) it should be shown on the toolbar, even with Toggles. Toggle users that don't want it can Customize Commands and uncheck the option.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761