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Avoiding dangerous actions

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  • Avoiding dangerous actions

    A couple of years ago I sent a suggestion/request in to Scooter Software that amounted to:

    When I am comparing folders I usually highlight a set of files and right-click to pick the action to perform. Having the "Copy to", "Move to", and "Delete" actions so close together makes it hazardous since it is so easy to accidentally pick "Delete" when you wanted to perform one of the others. Can you provide a quick and easy way to turn on/off the more dangerous options, such as "Delete"? Allowing me to designate which are dangerous and then have a button available to "enable/disable dangerous actions" would be perfect!

    I received a reply that this would be seriously considered for future versions. Has anything happened in BC ver 3 to address this concern?

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    There are several ways to deal with this.

    In a saved session, you can check "disable editing" for the left or right folders to prevent changes.

    You can also use command line options to prevent editing.

    Also, by default the Copy To, Move, and Delete commands display a confirmation prompt, so you do have a second chance to verify the file operation before it takes place.

    Last, if you don't want the delete command to be available on the menu, you can remove it in the Tools|Customize Commands dialog. If you hide it from the menu, you won't be able to select it with the mouse, but you can still hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete the currently selected items.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Avoiding dangerous actions

      1) Do all those ideas apply to version2 or 3 or both?

      2) Any chance of users being able to selectively configure what appears in the popup menus?


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        1) Both.
        2) The popup menus follow the "Show command in menu" option.
        Erik Scooter Software


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          Right-click on the BC3 toolbar and click "Customize Commands..." to change what shows up in the BC3 menus.
          BC v4.0.7 build 19761