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Enhancement Request: Sessions history

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  • Enhancement Request: Sessions history

    It would be valuable to have quick access to my Sessions History i.e. a means to rapidly return to a prior Folder Compare Session without traversing down the sessions tree to find and re-select. A short list of prior sessions could usefully be located between the New and Auto-Saved branches of the sessions tree, as well as in the top-level Session pulldown menu as "Open Recent Sessions..." .

    BC3 459
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    Thanks, Mark. BC2 listed the 9 most recent sessions in its Session menu, but we somehow lost the feature on the way to BC3. We'll consider getting it back.
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      I guess things will be slightly more complicated in BC3 because of the tabs and Workspaces. For example:

      (1) I have a Workspace that opens 6 tabs, but suppose I only visit 2 of them. In this case, I suggest that only those tabs which are actually visited should be added to the history list.

      (2) I am in one tab, and then go "up one level" 3 times to find the directory of interest. Should all the intermediate steps in the directory search be added to the history list? IMO, no. Some criteria is needed. I would be satisfied if (a) only Saved sessions (which exist on the Session tree) are eligible for the history list, and (b) then only if they have focus for some minimum time or some minimum level of activity like clicking at least once within the session (I don't recall how this was handled in BC2).

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