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    Thanks, Erik!


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      Originally posted by Craig View Post
      The "Only affect visible files" is one of the things that we thought was confusing in BC2, which is why it wasn't brought forward as is. If you have to do that you can use folder compare's "Select All Files" command first. If you can give a good description of why the old behavior regarding collapsed folders is desirably for you we might be able to improve things.
      I'm not sure if my scenario is included in your request for a description, but here goes ....

      I have a few BC2 sessions which I used basically for archive purposes, to synchronize source and a backup folders. Over time, I've maintained the sessions to excluded newly added files I didn't need in the backup folder(s).

      Now, what I do is launch BC2 with one of these sessions, minimize it, let it do its comparison, and come back later. Some of these tend to be large directory structures.

      I will then select View Mismatches But No Orphans to display only those source files which already exist in the backup folder, and which have changed since the last synchronization. Then, I use a custom sync left to right and select the Only affect visible files and Next and Start and just update only newer files from source to backup folder.

      Once that is complete, I would select Only Mismatches which would then display only left and right orphans (step above took care of matching source/backup files/folders). I could review the left (source) side for any new files and select to exclude any files/folders I didn't need to be archived. Once I did that, I would save my session, and proceed to custom sync left to right, basically adding new left orphans (which I want to archive) and delete right orphans (which I really don't need anymore).

      Using BC3 Folder Sync, I don't see anyway to just display Only Mismatches But No Orphans to mimic my method of 'custom' synchronization.

      Possible bug:

      By the way, from the BC3 folder view, I opened an imported session, and selected Session -> Sync Base Folder In New View. But, I decided not to test on my 'real' folders, so I copied the two into a tmp directory and updated the Left folder and Right folder to point to the tmp copies. I refreshed and continued to play with copying/mirroring ... only to later realize that the folders had been changed from my tmp copies back to the originals. I had basically 'corrupted' my real folders without really paying attention , guess that was my bad ... should have checked before proceeding.

      Luckily, I had copied my original folders to a tmp location for testing, so I just trashed the 'real' folders and put the copies back into place.

      Should a refresh on a Folder Sync change the folder(s) if you actually meant to use different folders with the same session settings?