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Wont Move Certain Files Within New Folder

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  • Wont Move Certain Files Within New Folder

    I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but when I do a folder compare, updating both locations. I was updating from my flash drive to my C drive.

    My flash drive had a new folder with 5 files in it. I could see on the screen that BC3 was going to create the new folder in my C drive, however, it was only going to move 1 out of the 5 files located inside the folder.

    I went ahead with the synch thinking it was probably a mistake and it turns out that it did create the folder in C and it did move the 1 file out of the 6.

    My question is, why did that happen?
    Can anyone tell me if I have a setting wrong or what would cause that behavior?


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    If you use "Synchronize" from the context menu in a folder compare session, then you are performing a file-level sync and need to have all of the files to be synchronized in a multi-file selection.

    If you use a "Folder Sync" session, then you are performing a folder-level sync and the entire folder (all files) will be synchronized without the need to put the individual files in a selection.

    Does that help?
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      I am performing a "Synchronization" since we are updating something in the neighborhood of 30 files and folders. Is there a difference? Between the two? I thought that Folder level synchs are for just one folder, but that "Synchronization" was for the entire contents.

      It works well, except for that one issue. It created the folder on C, which I didn’t have, because it was a new folder created on my flash drive. But then it moved 1 file to C instead of all 6. By the way they where a mix of .xls and .doc files. (If it makes a difference.)

      Thank you for your help.


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        I can use Synchronize>Update Left and Synchronize>Update Right on a folder selection in which the files within the folder are not explicitely selected (folder closed or files simply not selected). The appropriate files in the folder get copied as long as they are not eliminated by Toggle settings.

        Have you looked at your log messages after the attempted operation for any clues? For example, rename operations will silently fail but leave a log message if the file being renamed is currently open in an application.

        Did you try a Refresh before synchronizing?
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