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Trouble with chm-files after expanding them.

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  • Trouble with chm-files after expanding them.

    (Build 462)
    Initially I had a couple of chm-files (and other file types) being updated in my folder session.
    I selected 1 chm-file and expanded/collapsed it.
    Then I did Edit->Select all files, Copy to left side (Ctrl+L).
    All files except the chm file I had expanded were copied to the left side.
    After that I can't seem to get it copied. If I select copy to other side the log says it copied the file but it still remains in the folder compare window. (even after a "fast refresh").
    It won't be selected via the "Edit->Select all files" either.
    When I restarted BC3 the file didn't show up any longer (I don't show identical files) so it seems to be some some refreshing issue?

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    There's a glitch in the way we handle expanded CHM files. The file does actually copy, but the contents don't update properly. It will be fixed in the next release.
    Zoë P Scooter Software