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  • BCSS refresh

    Problem: in one tab, I compared a local folder to a BCSS snapshot (the "First" snapshot) of a remote folder, selected local files to copy-to-folder and began the copy.

    I then updated the BCSS snapshot (the "Second" snapshot), DL'd it from the remote to the local, and started a compare of a local folder (different from the first one, above) to the Second snapshot (same name for the snapshot in both cases). HOWEVER, BC3 apparently uses a cached copy of the First snapshot!

    I have to exit BC3 entirely and restart to successfully run the 2nd compare.

    Anyway to flush the cache of an "old" BCSS file to make sure a new one is used?

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    It shouldn't be necessary, so you've found a bug. We'll look into it next week. In the meantime it's quite possible that restarting is the only way to clear it out.
    Zoë P Scooter Software