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  • Feature requests (folder compare)

    Hi and Thank you for this wonderful tool. I really like the improvements in BC3. esp the flat compare. I use this to verify photos from my camera (flat) against my archives (stored in an event based hierarchical structure). I have two requests for features (either one may be there, but I have not found them)

    1. on the "Copy to Folder" there needs to be an option to start at the location of the other side's root folder (Left if copied from right....)

    2. A method of determining changed folder locations. If I move a folder from one location to another, it would be nice to be able to either
    a: ask BC3 to search the other side for the moved folder
    b: allow the user to move the folder to the new location on the same side (mv command in Unix, an enhancement to rename maybe?)

    Thank you!