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Problem with BC locking files

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  • Problem with BC locking files

    I'm having issues with 2 other programs Dreamweaver and CSE Html Validator when using BC to edit files. For some reason BC will not release these files after an edit so other programs can access them. This is a new to this beta as previous versions would play nicely with other programs.

    After editing a file with BC, closing a tab, or changing a session won't release the file. It's not until I close BC that I can access that file again.

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    Does the same locking behavior seem to occur if you use other applications, like Notepad, to edit those files?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Also, how large are the files that are locked?
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Chris, these are small html files so 10k tops.

        Aaron, I've got some stuff to clear up first, then will test for you.


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          Does the same locking behavior seem to occur if you use other applications, like Notepad, to edit those files?
          I'm not seeing it with notepad. Considering how BC is beta, my Dreamweaver is beta and my CSE is beta, let me do some more checking before you waste a bunch of time on this.


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            I'm seeing this issue about once a day now. I hadn't noticed it until this last week or so. Maybe it's just because I'm doing more editing in BC.

            The problem is occurring with BC and Dreamweaver CS4 (no longer beta) when editing html files and BC and TextPad when editing ini files (all small, around 1 or 2k).

            When I'm making edits to these files in BC and the other program is open, usually there's no problem. Occasionally, BC seems to lock the file and I can't access it in the other program either, until I close BC. Just closing the file in BC doesn't fix the problem, I have to completely close out.


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              I just had the problem again (access is denied) trying to update a local file that was also open in textpad. I was only editing in BC, but the file was also open in textpad. I closed textpad and BC still will not save the changes. This is a local file being compared to one on a server via ftp.


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                I'm still seeing this issue in the latest build, 9357.

                This is definately a BC problem. Now I can't save a file on my flash drive after editing it several times in BC. No program has had that file open except BC.
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                  Hi Rick,

                  Which File Format is BC using for your files? Does it use an external conversion? Tools menu -> File Format -> Specific format: Conversion tab.

                  Could you verify that it is BC or the Conversion that is locking the files with a program like ShellExView:

                  ***Actually, I meant to suggest Process Explorer:***

                  If you could, export all of your settings (Tools menu -> Export) and email them, along with a pair of sample files, to [email protected]
                  Screenshots may help as well.
                  Last edited by Aaron; 13-Nov-2008, 05:16 PM. Reason: Not ShellExView, but Process Explorer
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    Hi Aaron.

                    These are htm files, using stock BC html rules (Detected: HTML) and when it last happened, I was comparing with a backup on a memory stick. I was comparing both sides and doing a manual merge by editing both sides and saving often. I'm used to the Dreamweaver side reporting a file locked, but when it happened on the memory stick side where only BC had files open, I knew something wasn't right.

                    There's nothing special about the files.


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                      Still having this issue often, but realised I may not have given you enough information.

                      When this happens, at least 2 tabs are open (and maybe up to 7) and the scenario might be similar to this:
                      tab1= website1 (local) to website2 (local)
                      tab2= website1 to server1
                      tab3= website1 to server2
                      tab4= website1 to server3
                      tab5= website2 to server1 (website2)
                      tab6= website2 to server2 (website2)
                      tab7= website2 to server3 (website2)

                      The error occurs when using BC to compare files between any of those tabs and edits are being made (copying selective lines from one to another). I don't usually get an error until the page has been saved several times. Then closing out any number of tabs will not resolve the issue. I have to completely close out BC.

                      Although another program may have a few of the files open, I doubt that is the problem. This problem didn't start until BC3.


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                        We are having trouble reproducing these locking results in house.

                        Did you get a chance to use Process Explorer to verify that it is BCompare.exe that is locking your files? There may be another program that is also running (such as an anti-virus) that may also be locking the files when it detects edits to them.

                        You could email a log of Process Explorer to [email protected]. Please include a link to this forum post as well.
                        Aaron P Scooter Software


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                          Hi Aaron, if I had a clue how to use process explorer, that wouldn't be a problem. The only files I see open are a couple BC.tmp files, that doesn't tell me who's accessing them. Next time I have a problem I check again.


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                            If that's the case, we can give Unlocker a try:

                            If unlocker does not provide enough information, then we can capture a log of your activity with Process Monitor. You can then email this log to [email protected] along with a link to this forum post:
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                            Aaron P Scooter Software