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instead of log-view show a difference-preview

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  • instead of log-view show a difference-preview


    Bey2 is a very helpful tool.

    Now I'm giving Bey3 a try in comparing two version of a java-project.
    (80% of the source are changed) In the most cases there is only one line changed.
    On 1980x1200 Screen it would be nice to see a file comparison preview to omit the doubleclick and the opening of a new window.
    Only by scrolling the filename tree I would easiely find the major changes.

    the log-window-position would be a good place.

    Sorry if I've overlooked a similiar embedded feature.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. It isn't possible to do this in the current version of BC3.

    If the single line change can be ignored, you might have luck using "Rules-based" comparison criteria to compare your files. Rules-based comparison will compare your files based on text contents. If you edit the file comparison rules for your files, you can tell it to ignore specific differences in the files, such as a version number change.
    Chris K Scooter Software