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Could alignment overrides work with swap sides?

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  • Could alignment overrides work with swap sides?

    If I set up an alignment override Apple*=Orange* and then swap sides in the folder view, could the override change to Orange*=Apple*, please? Excellent feature, by the way; one of the major reasons I upgraded to Pro!

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    Interesting request. Currently, if a user enters an override backwards, they might try swapping sides as a quick & easy way to "fix" it. Swapping the override when sides are swapped would break that.

    However... I do like the idea... so I'll cast a neutral vote and leave it up to Scooter on how they choose to handle it.
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      Sorry, Folder Compare's "Alignment overrides" (and Text Compare's "Replacements") can't be swapped in several cases (ex. "Regular expression" checked). However, we'd consider someday adding a session setting to force all overrides/replacements to be performed on the right instead of the left.
      Erik Scooter Software


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        ... and that directional setting would be toggled by the Swap command.
        Tim T Scooter Software