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  • Delete to Recycle Bin on Mirror


    I hope I am not repeating something already mentioned. I tried a search in the forums and could not find it.

    I can't find anywhere an option to make deleting to the recycle bin always the option when it is possible. I know it is in the delete function, but it is needed for more than that. If you perform a mirror synchronization, there is no option for deleting to the recycle bin. Therefore, deleted files are gone.

    This used to be an option in BC2 and I am missing it here. It makes me uncomfortable doing a mirror operation.

    I hope it is there and it is just something I am overlooking. But if it does not exist, then I think it is absolutely necessary.


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    The "Folder Sync" session has an option for it in it's session settings dialog, on the "Sync" tab. You're absolutely correct that the Mirror to Left/Right commands in the "Folder Compare" session don't have a way to set that though. I'm not sure how we missed that, but the next release will add a sticky checkbox to the preview dialog so you can set it. Right now it won't use the recycle bin.
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