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  • Folder compare hangs

    I just installed 3.0.1 (8602) on Windows XP SP2. I had a folder comparison session open. I returned to Home, changed the path for the left folder, clicked Save As, named the new session, and then clicked Open. Beyond Compare hung with an empty folder compare window: The Stop Loading button was blinking. Beyond Compare would accept no input. If I brought another application's window to the foreground and then clicked on Beyond Compare, I got a beep and BC stayed in the background. According to Task Manager, BC was consuming no CPU. The program continued in this state until I killed it via Task Manager (>10 minutes later). When I restarted BC and double-clicked the new session, it loaded normally.

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    Have you seen this behavior reproduce? If so, please let us know and send us your support information (Help menu->Support; Export) to [email protected] with a description of the issue (which session you had opened, what you renamed it to, etc).
    Aaron P Scooter Software