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3.0.2 Sync changes

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  • 3.0.2 Sync changes

    After much feedback, we've altered the way the sync works in the folder compare to make it closer to what BC2 has for today's release. The Update/Mirror commands now have a "Just Selection" checkbox that controls whether the sync follows the selection or affects the entire tree. It's unchecked by default, which is what BC2 had, and different than BC3's behavior thus far. It does remember its state though, so you should only need to change it once. We've also moved the toolbars and menus around a bit and tweaked the interface. Let us know if you have problems with it.

    The "Synchronize Folders" session has not changed, but it's a work in progress and will in the future.
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    I can understand why you've made these changes... but I believe the default should still be to base the sync on the selection only. That would be more consistent with the BC3 model. As you say, the dialog remembers its state... so those that want the BC2 feel should only need to change it once.
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      Thank you for this enhancement. Now BC3 is perfect.


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        I like it!


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          Yes, much better .. thank for for accommodating this old dog (as in "Can't teach and old dog new tricks")


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            Mine does not remember the state of the checkbox (latest build). So I have to check it each time which is not good! Any idea why?

            I also agree that the default should be ticked on, but it's not a big deal.


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              3.0.4 Sync: selection only

              "Selection only" doesn't seem to retain its state in the sync dialog.

              Quite aside from that problem, I would greatly prefer having "Selection only" be a program-wide or session-associated option.

              Thanks. I'm usually finding what I need in version 3, and for the most part it is functioning either as good as or better than version 2. Reliability and performance are generally very good.


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                The "Selection only" checkbox should be remembered across syncs, and is working that way for us here. Can anyone else synching just selections confirm that it either is or isn't remembering its state?
                Zoë P Scooter Software