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Giving the Ref a dropdown for custom rules

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  • Giving the Ref a dropdown for custom rules

    My default Comparison criteria is just to compare file sizes and timestamps. Makes for a quick load. When looking at source code, the next step is to click the Ref, choose compare contents/rules-based comparison, OK. I've always wished for a quicker way to switch criteria.

    What about custom rules that are presented via dropdown arrow next to the ref?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. A menu dropdown for comparison criteria has been suggested before, and we will give it consideration.

    As an alternative to changing the comparison criteria, you can use the Actions > Compare Contents command to compare the currently selected files.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Actions -> Compare Contents is something I've frequently used. But you have to select something for that to be effective. An extra step/button press. Whereas choosing a different criteria for the currently displayed files is more along the lines of what I need.

      I think I'd asked before about a command line switch to select certain criteria. That would suffice as well. Most of the time I launch BC from a tool so I can add another button to that tool that has custom command line parms if necessary.

      Either way, not a big inconvenience, just a wish list item.