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  • Select All Folders / Deselect All Placeholders

    Please add a Select All Folders to the Edit menu. Suggested keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+A. Why? Here's why I wanted it today:
    • Right Side had a bunch of orphan folders
    • I wanted to delete the orphan folders
    • I tried a Select All on the Left Side so that I could invert the selection and delete the orphan folders on the right, but select all includes the empty placeholders, so it did not work. Of course, select all files didn't work either. Setting my file filter to Orphans only on the right really doesn't work either because, in addition to the orphan folders, you also see all of the parent and grandparent folders so you can't simply select all the folders to delete the orphan ones.

    Along the same lines, there needs to be a way to Deselect All Placeholders. There are times that I want to invert a selection, but need to omit the blank placeholders first, or want to eliminate the blank placeholders after the inverted selection. Most often, the reason for wanting to deselect the place holders is so that the object on the other side will not get selected if I move the selection left or right using the shifted arrow keys. Since BC3 does not provide a way to deselect placeholders, I end up having to do it manually (which get quite tiring when working with large and complex directory structures).

    Other useful Deselect options would be to allow a user to Deselect All Folders and Deselect All Files. This would allow the user to further customize selections after an inverted selection by getting rid of a particular object type that the user doesn't want in the select.

    This takes me to the suggestion that I've been making for months. Please consider adding a new Select drop-down menu to provide a way for users to perform the special types of selection operations such as these as well as the ones that were available in BC2: Orphans Left, Orphans Right, Changes Left, Changes Right, etc. Although you've added lots of great functionality to BC3, the ability to control ones selection without having to mess with file filtering has been greatly hindered and equates to lost productivity for advanced users that relied on it. Only place the basic selection operations in the menu by default if you like, but please allow us to add the others in if we want to.

    Another point that has been stated before: There are many times that it is helpful to see the context of the files I am working with. Filtering files simply to get the selection I want removes that visual context. BC3 would be a much more flexible tool with the implementation of a drop-down menu to manage custom selections, and it would result in a less-cluttered Edit menu as well. There are other users that share this sentiment. It has been voiced before in the BC3 beta discussions.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761