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Comparing File Attributes (v2.2.5)

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  • Comparing File Attributes (v2.2.5)

    In my comparison session I ticked 'Read only', which used to work fine:
    If I had the same file in both panels, and one copy was write protected and the other one wasn't the line was highlighted.

    Now - a few weeks later - the behaviour has changed. BC doesn't care at all which file attributes differ, it only shows differences concerning the content of the files.

    I double checked the session attributes. I tried to tick every file attribute, and I tried to tick only the 'Read only' attribute. Is there anything else I can do to make it work again?

    Best regards,
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    You're in the BC3 discussion forums, but your subject line says v2.2.5

    Which version of BC are you having difficulties with?

    In BC3 there is a Disable editing checkbox on the Specs tab under your Session Settings dialog. This will let you disable editing on one or both sides of the compare without regard to the state of the read-only flags on the files themselves. Since I no longer have BC2 installed, I can't speak to that other than to note that you don't appear to have the most current version. Version 2.5.3 is available for download here:
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      I think Sabine might be trying to compare file attributes in the Folder Compare/Folder Viewer.

      In BC2, if you check any of the file attributes options in the Session > Comparison Control dialog, BC will compare based on attributes. If you have these settings checked and they aren't showing as a difference, it might be due to other comparison criteria.

      The criteria "size and CRC", "Binary comparison", and "Rules-based comparison" override other criteria. As an example, if you have binary and read-only attribute comparison on, files with a binary match and read-only differences will show as a match. To prevent CRC, binary, or rules-based comparison from overriding other comparison types, check "independent timestamp, content comparison results" in the Advanced tab of Session > Comparison Control.

      If you need help with BC 3, please let me know.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Now it works - it was exactly the setting that Chris mentioned that was not set.
        Thanks to both of you!

        (Sorry for posting in the wrong forum - maybe the thread can be moved?)