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    I use BeyondCompare with our VCS (Starteam) to compare files before checking them in. As such, it makes sense to start up BeyondCompare with both sides set to Readonly, because one version is the current VCS version (we will always want this to be readonly) and the current version on my PC. In all cases, I would like to start up with my local version as readonly so that I don't accidentally change it. There are a few times though where I want to back-out some of my changes and restore to what is in the VCS version. Problem is that once you start up BeyondCompare with /readonly, you cannot change it. It would be helpful if the readonly property of of a file could be changed after start-up.

    Kevin Moore

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    BeyondCompare will remember if you were last in full edit mode or not. Just hit F2 and stray key clicks will no longer change the file.


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      You can change the readonly attribute. Click on the Session Settings button on the toolbar (the referee) then click on the Specs tab. Remove the check from the "Disable Editing" checkbox for the side that you want to edit.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761