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  • Sorting by CRC

    When a user adds the CRC column to a folder session then sorts by CRC, the sort does not appear to work correctly.

    The first problem is simply a timing issue... if you click the CRC column header too quickly, the sort occurs before the CRC has been populated for all of the files. I'm wondering if you could implement an hourglass and post-pone the column sort until all the CRCs have been calculated?

    The second problem is that files with the same name, but different content are still aligned with each other thus throwing the CRC column on the other side of the compare out of sequence. I realize that this is expected since the files have already been aligned, and the sort keeps the existing alignments and simply reorders them based on the column that is clicked on.

    I guess that I am thinking that sorting by CRC should be an exception to the rule and should break the existing alignments and re-align by CRC. I realize the such a re-alignment could be costly, espcecially for large folder structures. Perphaps this could be implemented as a Tweak and disabled by default.

    Just sharing my thoughts...
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761