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Infinite folder tree bug - BC3 or MATLAB?

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  • Infinite folder tree bug - BC3 or MATLAB?

    I am working with MATLAB, using BC3 to monitor the working folders and backup to a memory stick. The following has now occured 3 times in the last 2 days:

    An "infinite" tree of subfolders gets created. By infinite, I mean between 1000 and 2000 nested copies of a folder appear as a long series of subfolders of subfolders of subfolders of .... In this situation, a BC3 folder compare which normally loads in 1-2 seconds, instead takes about a minute to load all those subfolders.

    WinXP cannot delete any of the subfolders because the name is too long! The only way I have found to destroy the tree is to use a BC3 left-to-right Folder Sync with an empty folder on the left and the infinite tree on the right.

    I am really glad that BC3 can clean up the mess, but I do not know where to put the blame for creating the infinite tree in the first place. Has anyone seen anything like this with BC3?

    Thanks for any help.

    <BC3 Ver 3.0.4>

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    I don't think anyone has reported anything like this yet, but I can't honestly say there's no possibility of BC3 doing it. If you aren't doing so yet I'd suggest turning on "Operation details" in the Folder Views->Log options, along with the "Automatically save messages to file" setting. If BC3 is doing it it should show up in the log.
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