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  • sync options in BC3

    Just downloaded BC3 while waiting for an invoice. One of my favorite uses of BC2 seems to have been eliminated. Hopefully there is a way to accomplish what I want.

    I often need to synchronize one folder from entries in another but it a somewhat unusual way. BC2 has virtually all the options that could be specified in sync options. It looks like there are only 5 possible sync configurations and none does what I need.

    I have folders of music files that need to be updated from a master folder in which I make corrections. The files from the master folder need to be distributed to many other folders but only if there is a file with the same name in those folders. BC2 has two "if file is only" options both for right and left so I just had to specify "leave alone" for "if file is only on the right" when synching to the left. Also specified copy right to left if file on right is newer and I would get an update of only the files currently in the target folder.

    How do I do this with BC3? I suppose I can do some filter, select, copy routine but it was sure easy the old way.

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    You have to open a session in "Folder Sync" mode. Then you can go to the menu "Session"->"Session Settings ..." (or click the head of the referee).

    In the tab called Sync you'll find what you need.



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      In addition to what jogi said, in BC3 the sync commands in the "Folder Compare" follow the display filters, so if you just set the display filter to exclude orphans and use the mirror commands it will do exactly what you want.
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