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  • Shift Delete Bug

    In a Folder Compare, when paired folder are selected and Shift-Delete is used, Cirrus provides an "OK/Cancel" dialog for the Delete operation, but the folders are already gone (have aready been deleted).

    The dialog should be suppressed if Shift-Delete is used...or the folders retained until the dialog is closed.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    I'm not sure what you're seeing, but that's not the default behavior for Shift+Del in the folder comparison. Shift+Del is "Delete Permanently"; it's the standard delete command, except the "Use recycle bin if possible" option is temporarily unchecked. It certainly doesn't delete anything before the "Delete" button is clicked.
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      Sorry, I can't confirm Michaels observations.

      Whether I use DEL or SHIFT-DEL, always a confirmation dialog is shown.
      And both folders only get deleted after confirming that dialog.

      Do you see the deletition in the Log-pane like this?

      09.04.2008 20:56:07 Deleted D:\Temp\test
      09.04.2008 20:56:07 Deleted C:\Temp\test



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        I figured out what happened.

        The "Toggle Same" button was not depressed. Therefore, the scan when I clicked "Shift+Delete" caused the folders to dissappear.

        This is yet one more reason that I have repeatedly asked for the return of the "Always Show Folders" option. There are many times that I want to know what folders contain the same content, but don't want to see the content itself. I don't expect you to put the button on the toolbar by default, but please make it available for users to add to the toolbar as needed. As it is, I still have to revert to BC2 for a number of the activities that I do because of this missing functionality.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761