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  • Progress bar - when?

    Default rules are to 'not' perform a rules based compare. So I'm comparing two trees with a thousand or so .c* files in them. The initial display shows most not equal due to timestamps. So I click Files then Compare on the toolbar and select rules based compare. The compare starts and a progress bar never appears.

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    The progress bar only appears if you select files and then Right-click and Compare Contents. Setting different criteria for the Folder Compare initiates a background compare (much like if it had been set by default and then opened).
    Background operations are currently indicated by the flashing abort button in the upper-right of the toolbars, and the hollow folder color (that is then filled in as the operation completes).
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      Selecting Files then Clicking Compare =? on the toolbar is the same as Right-click and Compare Contents. I had not changed the session criteria after the initial load.

      Just now I tried the same operation with a couple of thousand files and got the progress bar. I've not isolated the problem just yet but every now and then when I click Start on the Compare Contents dialog no progress bar appears.