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Feature request: suppress version column for FTP

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  • Feature request: suppress version column for FTP

    I find it extremely useful to enable the 'version' column in folder views, but when comparing an FTP folder that contains a large number of EXE and DLL files it is simply not practical to wait for them all to download to extract the version resource. It would be great to have a tweak that retained the version column for an FTP folder, but suppressed its contents by default; whenever the (empty) version column was visible in an FTP folder a new right-click menu item of 'show FTP version' would appear and would fetch the version resource of the selected items.

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    I see what you mean. Thanks for the suggestion, tfrost. For now, you can turn the version column on/off if you find it begins to take to long simply by right-clicking it and disabling it during an FTP compare.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      tfrost's comment goes for the CRC column as well. Unless the FTP server provides the CRC values, it would be nice to handle the visibility of the CRC column differently in FTP folders rather than to just use default session settings for folders since it takes a full binary read to calculate it.
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        Re Aaron's suggestion: if you disable the Version column on an FTP site while it is slowly fetching version numbers, the mouse cursor retains an hourglass.