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    I need to know if there is an easier way to maintain the folder lists within the Folder Compare function of BC3. I searched everywhere and eventually had to edit the C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\BCState.xml file.

    If this functionality does not exist, can you please consider this for the next release. I have been using FolderMatch for years & years now and really like BC3 in comparison.

    For example other shortcomming with FolderMatch was always the exclusion of specific specific folders within my selected base folder, which I assume can be done with BC3... I noticed the "ignore' function and yet have to test this.



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    Are you referring to the path edit's MRU lists? What kind of control do you want over them? If you have folder comparisons that you're doing repeatedly you should save it as a named session (poke around the "Session" menu), which saves the paths and any comparison criteria and filters you have so you can easily re-load them.

    The other thing you're looking for is actually the "Exclude" command and the "Filters" tab of the Session menu's "Session Settings" or "Comparison Criteria" dialog (can't remember what it's currently named as). "Exclude" will hide the selected file or folder; in the dialog you can make them more generic, to hide all "backup" folders, for example, regardless of where they are.

    "Ignore" treats a file comparison with differences as if the files were the same for the purposes of filtering and coloring. Unlike the file filters above, it's transient, and resets when you reload the comparison or if the files change.
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      you are correct, I'm referring to the MRU lists. All I need is a function to clear out / delete some of the listed paths in the MRU list drop down that I might just use one every now and again. This will be a great feature that will ensure that the MRU list is maintainable without the need of having various saved sessions.

      Otherwise, thanks for the other part. Well noted & appreciated.

      best regards,