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    new poster:

    I've created a rather large listing of sessions using my 2.x version. Is there a way to join 2 sessions to create a third somehow?

    For Example

    Folder1 vs Folder1
    Folder2 vs Folder2
    Folder3 vs Folder3

    Where folder 1,2,3 are scattered throughout various hard drives. Almost sounds like something a script could do, but I'd like to see the end result of the comparison like a normal Session result.


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    Hello Belgrath,

    It isn't possible to make a session that loads other sessions.

    If all your folders are on the same drive or same server, you might be able to load a parent folder, then filter to limit the comparison.

    As an example, to compare c:\folder1 and c:\folder2 to e:\folder1 and e:\folder2, load c:\ and e:\ as base folders, then use the filter "-.\*;.\folder1\;.\folder2\".

    If they are separate drives or don't have a common parent folder, then you'll need to use separate sessions. You can also use a script to run all of the sessions sequentially.
    Chris K Scooter Software