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Alter "files-is-different rules" for specific file types?

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  • Alter "files-is-different rules" for specific file types?

    Is there a way I can choose to, for a certain file type, mark is as different only if size is different, and the other file types by e.g. size and date?

    The problem I'm having is doing a "quick diff" between folders, where some files are tlb-files which has a new date-stamp in them + different file-date, but the actualy type library (and file size) is the same.

    These files are in the same folder compare session as "normal" file types e.g. cpp/doc etc. which have their date updated only if they were actually changed somehow.

    The tlb files aren't so important to know if they diff or not if size is the same, but the rest are, so I don't want to exclude date check for all files in the folder session.


    (Another nice feature IMHO would be if I could select different colors for different "diff levels". E.g. when size+date is different, file is bright red, if only date is different, it's e.g. orange. Although I suspect this would become pretty complicated easily).

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    Sorry, it isn't possible to set comparison criteria based on file extension. The best way to do this is probably with two sessions. One session that compares timestamp and size, and one session that only compares size. Then use filename filters in each session to only compare the appropriate files for that criteria type.

    Setting criteria by file extension is on our wish list.
    Chris K Scooter Software