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Feature req: Add a RMB "return" tab option

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  • Feature req: Add a RMB "return" tab option

    In a Folder Compare session, when I navigate away from the original view of a tab (for example, by going up one level or otherwise changing the Base Folder) , I get a "*" at the end of the tab title. Very nice reminder.

    Now I would like a one-click solution to get back to the original view for that tab, i.e. effectively remove the "*".

    Implementation 1: How about adding a menu item to the RMB context menu for a tab, something like "Reset" or "Return", which brings me back and removes the "*"? This menu option would not appear unless I have changed the view and see the "*". If for some reason it is not possible to get back to the original view (for example, an original Base Folder is no longer valid), then the "Return" option would not appear and the "*" sticks.

    Implementation 2: include name+"*" as well as undecorated names in the RMB "Select Tab" list.

    Implementation 3: Add a RMB "Copy" tab option, in which case I could create a copy of the tab before navigating away. This would be a single window alternative to "Tear Off", but requires fore-thought on my part.

    Such an option would avoid my having to reload the Workspace or delete tab/visit Home to reopen the original tab.

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    To reset a tab I select the session from the 'Sessions' dropdown list of the Session-toolbar.
    The session is already selected in the list but this only works with already saved sessions.

    To copy a modified saved session, I select the 'Save Session As' button to save the modified session with a new name (also available from the 'Session' submenu).


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      Hello Lutz,

      Thanks for the workflow ideas. They work for me.

      One more suggestion on this: double clicking a tab which has a "*" should reset it.

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