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File permissions in Windows 2003 Server

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  • File permissions in Windows 2003 Server

    I see a way, in BC, to "copy NTFS permissions", but this only seems to copy file permissions and not folder permissions. For instance, the permissions for /folder/filename.txt are intact, but permissions for folder/ or folder/folder2/ are missing. Anyone know a way to move permissions for folders?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The "Copy NTFS permissions" option only takes effect when creating new folders; if you select a folder that's already lined up with an existing one the existing folder's permissions, timestamp, and DOS attributes are left alone, unlike when copying individual files. If you are copying orphan folders, due note that only non-inherited permissions are copied, so any permissions it's getting from a parent's folder will have to be set explicitly.
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      I took another look at this, and it does look like copying explicit folder permissions is broken in BC3, but explicit file permissions copy correctly. I've added this to our bug list to be fixed.

      Until we release a fix for BC3, explicit folder permissions are copied correctly in BC 2.5.3. You can get version 2.5.3 from:

      BC2 required a registry tweak to turn on copying of NTFS permissions. Instructions are at:
      Chris K Scooter Software