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Synchronize with "last known sync" date?

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  • Synchronize with "last known sync" date?

    I want to to synchronize between my laptop and stationary.
    From what I understand, "all" the BC3 does is copying right/left orphans, right/left newer to right/left side of a folder compare?

    Here's my problem.
    Day 1) I sync laptop <==> stationary
    Day 2) I modify File1 on laptop and deletes File2
    Day 3) I modify File1 on stationary and create File3.
    Day 4) I resync laptop <==> stationary.

    I assume BC3 handle this by
    1) Copying stationary::File2 => Laptop
    2) Copying stationary::File3 => Laptop
    3) Copying stationary::File1 => laptop (because it's newer on stationary).

    Which is not what I want. I would want
    * 1) Deleting Stationary::File2
    2) Copying stationary::File3 => Laptop
    * 3) Manual merge needed since both have changes.

    Is this possible with BC3 somehow?


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    This isn't possible in the current release. BC doesn't keep track of what the last sync state was, so it doesn't have any way to detect deletes during bidirectional updates. We hope to support it in a future release, but can't give any estimates on if/when that would be.
    Zoë P Scooter Software