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  • Unimportant text for equivalent text


    I am using BC 2.5.3 and am having problems with defining unimportant text for equivalent text. In this example, my left-hand folder contains files with "ONE" to "TEN" and right-hand folder contains files with these tokens replaced with "1" to "10" instead.

    I have tried defining regexp as unimportant text:-
    Text matching ONE|1
    Text matching TWO|2

    These are all now unimportant and shown in blue. However, I need the case where a line on the left-hand side contains "ONE" and right-hand side is not "1" to be considered a difference and shown in red. Is this possible?

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    Sorry, BC 2 doesn't support that. You can ignore specific text, but not cases where one text has changed to another. To do that you'll need to use BC 3 Pro. It has a concept of "replacements" that does exactly what you're looking for. There's a video showing it in action here.
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      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the quick reply. "Replacements" is exactly the functionality I'm after. As I'm in a corporate environment, I will need to convince my boss as it will incur a cost. I'll suggest upgrading to BC3 standard edition at the very least.


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        I've evaluated BC3 Replacements and this works pretty well.

        There doesn't seem to be a way to define a null string as either text to find or replace with. Is there another way to ignore a certain word?

        Can the replacements list be saved to a config file? I'd like to be able to load two separate lists. The settings import/export doesn't seem to do this.
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          Create a new grammar element and define it as unimportant.
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