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Folder Compare vs. Sync

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  • Folder Compare vs. Sync

    Coming from BC2 I have to questions:

    1) Why (in the Folder Compare mode) do I have to go in a complicated way via Actions/ Synchronize/ Mirror... I am missing 'red' Mirror buttons or the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts. Actions/ Synchronize/ Mirror... is my major command in BC3... this needs to get executed quicker... (in BC2 I put the sync command e.g. on F12)

    2) I have many 'Folder Compare' Sessions imported from BC2... Is there a way to convert them to 'Folder Sync' sessions?

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    1) You can use the Tools->Customize Commands... menu item to add the mirror buttons to the toolbar and assign keyboard shortcuts. As you've probably noticed, the Folder Sync session is intended for fast set it and forget it syncs.

    2) The quickest way is to edit your BCSessions.xml file and change any instance of "TDirCompareSession" to "TDirSyncSession". The settings file is usually stored in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Beyond Compare 3.
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