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Verify / Binary comparison after copying

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  • Verify / Binary comparison after copying

    I am still missing an option in BC3 that automatically verifies the files it just copied in a binary way. I alway have to do a binary check across everything (not only the just copied files) to be sure that the copy was binarily correct. Did I miss finding this option. If not, why don't you put this option in BC3... I know that users are asking for that since years.

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    Having a compare-after-copy option is on the wishlist, and we do consider adding it every now and then. Then number of actual requests for it is still pretty low though.
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      One option is to turn on the CRC column in your folder compare session. This will cause BC3 to "automatically" re-read the copied file in order to generate the CRC value. This eliminates the need to manually trigger a binary compare after the copy completes.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761